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Arising, Limited Edition Print by Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson

"Old Masters" technical virtuosity, pre-Raphael romanticism, and contemporary expressionism and abstraction all combine to create his unique works of touching depth and artistry.

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Our Father Original Painting by  Damian Lechoszest

Damian Lechoszest

Polish artist Damian Lechoszest is a newly discovered talent with great promise. Damian was born in Poland in 1972. He studied art in Poland and also studied the works and technique of Master of the American West Artist, Morgan Weislting.

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Z.S. Liang

Liang received his great inspiration in this country while studying and painting the Wampanoag Indian culture at the outdoor Museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Among the many awards Liang has received are the David P. Usher Patrons' Choice Award and the President's Award for Excellence.

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Original Painting, Swallowtail Butterfly and Pink Mountain Heather by Dimitri Danish

Stephen Lyman

(1957 - 1996) Through Lyman's art, you can travel into a wilderness very few have experienced. He had been recently named one of the top artists in the country by U.S. Art magazine and his book, Into the Wilderness: An Artist's Journey, was published to unanimous acclaim in the autumn of 1995.

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Original Painting, I Am a Child of God by Howard Lyon

Howard Lyon

Award-winning artist Howard Lyon creates inspriational paintings in the style of some of his favorite old masters: William Bouguereau, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and John William Waterhouse.

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His Favorite Spot by Bonnie Marris

Bonnie Marris

Bonnie Marris has been studying and painting wolves, foxes, dogs and horses since childhood. The passion Bonnie Marris has for wilderness, for animals, and for light and color come together in her art, and she feels her work has accomplished its purpose when a viewer feels that same passion.

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Awaiting Title  by Serge Marshennikov

Serge Marshennikov

A graduate of the renowned Repin Academy of Fine Art in St. Petersberg, Russia. Serge's one-man shows after college were a success, and his paintings are in demand and have sold in Russia and in presitgious auction houses like Christie's London and Bonham's in Knightsbridge. His paintings are in museums in the United States, and in international private collections.

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Liberty Head 2011 An Original Painting by Peter Max

Peter Max

One of the most famous of all living artist's, Peter Max is also a pop culture icon. Peter Max has painted for six U.S. Presidents and his art is on display in Presidential Libraries and in U.S. Embassies.

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The Chief, Original Oil on Canvas by Frank McCarthy

Frank McCarthy

Renowned Western artist, Frank McCarthy, is a much honored member of the Cowboy Artists of America, and his works have been exhibited in such institutions as the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, the Gilcrease Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Leanin' Tree Museum in Colorado and the Frontier Army Museum at Fort Leavenworth.

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Argenteuil by Claude Monet

Claude Monet

(1840-1926) Famous French painter and one of the founders of the Impressionism movement along with his friends Renoir, Sisley and Bazille. The term Impressionism is derived from the title of Monet's painting 'Impression, Sunrise' (Impression, soleil levant), and with this, Monet changed the whole concept of art with his short brush strokes, vibrant magical colors and a new vision about art.

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Redd Rocket by Dean Morrissey

Dean Morrissey

Dean's beautifully illustrated book, Ship of Dreams, won numerous awards, including The New York Times "Ten Best Illustrated Books" of 1994. It also reached no.3 on the NY Times Bestseller List. Dean Morrissey has been drawing and creating characters since his childhood in Boston.

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Boondogging by LeRoy Neiman

LeRoy Neiman

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Tangerines by JoAnn Peralta

JoAnn Peralta

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March, Yavapai Point by Robert Peters

Robert Peters

"I often seek out the story in a landscape," says Peters. He notes that “the repetition of shape in ridges" and "jagged rocks in juxtaposition with soft snow" are just a couple aspects that interest him in mentally forming a composition that will draw and move the viewer's eye to take in all of nature captured on his canvas.

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William S. Phillips

In 1991, three of Phillips' works were chosen as part of the top 100 in "Art for the Parks," the prestigious annual fund-raiser for the National Park Service, and one painting received the "Art History Award" from the National Park Foundation.

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Dancing in Barcelona, Limited Edition by Pino


Pino, born in the South of Italy, grew up during World War II, in the care of the remaining matriarchal society. The memories of these formative years would be the sustenance of his life's work as a fine art painter. These masterful paintings evocative of his deep respect and appreciation for women, have been collected by fans and peers, alike.

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Till The Next Go Round, Limited Editin by Kyle Polzin

Kyle Polzin

Growing up along the Texas coast and also spending many happy days in the country with his grandparents gave Kyle Polzin much inspiration for his subject matter as a young artist.

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Frederic Remington

(1861-1901). Remington traveled west many times to report for magazines and to accumulate photographs, make sketches and buy props for his studio. This enabled him to create accurate details and gain inspiration each day in the comfort of his studio.

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Madame Henriot by Auguste Renoir

Auguste Renoir

(1841-1919) Renoir's paintings are probably the most popular, well-known, and frequently reproduced images in the history of art. Almost everybody has heard of the Bathers, The Umbrellas, Luncheon of the Boating Party and Le Moulin de la Galette along with many other.

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Big Sky Country by Gary Lynn Roberts

Gary Lynn Roberts

Born in 1953, Roberts was raised in the small town of Channelview, just east of Houston, Texas. The son of Joe Raider Roberts it was a foregone conclusion that he would continue in his father's legacy as a highly regarded painter.

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Mighty Proud Study by Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell, 1894-1978.
American painter and illustrator Norman Rockwell is well known for his paintings of American culture, his Saturday Evening Post covers, and Boy Scouts of America artwork.

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On Top of the World by Alfredo Rodriguez

Alfredo Rodriguez

Alfredo Rodriguez is best known for his paintings of Native Americans and mountain men. His paintings of children and animals are particularly charming, and both are sought after by collectors. .

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Original Pastel, Untitled #8 by Vicente Romero

Vicente Romero

He owes his technique in oil painting to his academic training, although he has increasingly explored pastel, finding more for "unrivalled delicacy". Most recent exhibitions: 2010 Petleys. Londres, 2011 Pizarro. Valencia, 2012 Benedito. Málaga.

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Merona by Royo


In 1968 he began to exhibit in Spain, specifically Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona. Royo received commissions to paint the royal portraits of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, as well as the Judges of the High Magistrature and the Court of Justice and other prominent political and society figures.

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Carl Rungius

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Charles M. Russell

(1864-1926) Charlie Russell completed approximately 4,000 works of art during his lifetime. He was the first "Western" artist to live the majority of his life in the West. For this reason, Charlie knew his subject matter intimately, setting the standard for many western artists to follow.

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